Exploring the human relationship to change, growth & development.

The Story of Change is a monthly hour-long show hosted by Rod Francis, initially broadcast the fourth Sunday of each month on National Public Radio (WUTC) and then available here to listen to at your leisure.


About the Story of Change

The Story of Change is free ranging exploration of all things related to the topic of change. Everything from what it takes for us to grow and transform individually, how to successfully negotiate change, all the way through to how change manifests socially, in communities, organizations, corporations and nations. And let’s not stop there, even widening out the conversation at times to explore how change occurs and its impact on a global scale.

Hosted by Rod Francis, the program weaves expert opinion such as academics, researchers, thought leaders and spiritual teachers with cross-cultural perspectives and remarkable stories of change from everyday folk, blending the magical and the mundane into a rich, evocative tapestry of learning and discovery. Rod’s aim is that the stories themselves speak their own meta-tale of what change means for us as humans including how we might successfully implement and navigate it.


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Episode Seventeen

My guest Sarah Chayes has so many feathers in her life cap that it's no easy task to capture them in a simple paragraph: historian, war reporter, NPR Paris correspondent, founding a soap factory in post Taliban Kandahar, special advisor to international commanders in Kabul and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, contributor to leading news journals such as The Atlantic and The Washington Post and leading author. Frankly, this still doesn't do justice to Sarah's breadth of experience, interests and work in the world. Here we explore the nexus of all these themes and even weaving in our mutual fascination with myth.


Episode Eighteen

Today's guest Grant Thompson has been described as an award winning film-maker, a cinematographer, guest lecturer at UC Davis and a Berkeley grad in Celtic philology yet to me these don't do justice to the breadth of Grant's interests and work in the world. We explore the mysterious intersection between land, story, language and identity among so many other fascinating topics, and how these manifest in the through line of Grant's multifaceted work and life story. We've recently been exploring themes of indigenous loss of place and identity and here we explore something of what we Europeans traded and lost in their own rush to colonize far off lands, and the Devil's bargain that change that has wrought on we their descendant's sense of place, belonging and identity.

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