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The Story of Change is a monthly hour-long show hosted by Rod Francis, initially broadcast the fourth Sunday of each month on National Public Radio (WUTC) and then available here to listen to at your leisure.


About the Story of Change

The Story of Change is free ranging exploration of all things related to the topic of change. Everything from what it takes for us to grow and transform individually, how to successfully negotiate change, all the way through to how change manifests socially, in communities, organizations, corporations and nations. And let’s not stop there, even widening out the conversation at times to explore how change occurs and its impact on a global scale.

Hosted by Rod Francis, the program weaves expert opinion such as academics, researchers, thought leaders and spiritual teachers with cross-cultural perspectives and remarkable stories of change from everyday folk, blending the magical and the mundane into a rich, evocative tapestry of learning and discovery. Rod’s aim is that the stories themselves speak their own meta-tale of what change means for us as humans including how we might successfully implement and navigate it.


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Episode Twenty One

Dr Julia Kolodko is a behavioral scientist and organizational consultant specializing in change implementation and culture and is one of the leading experts in applied behavioral science in Europe. She offers us a perspective informed by the most current science of human change and perhaps more importantly, how that research is actually implemented both at organizational and individual levels and also what the implications are for broader social change as well. We discuss how neuroscience suggests that we are accessing less than 5% of our cognitive capacities for decision-making, the impact of unconscious biases and more importantly, how we might better negotiate these tricky realities.


Episode Twenty

How can organizations change and why would they? In today's show Prof Bill Brendel from Penn State University and I explore how change happens in organizational culture, leadership, motives and behaviors and what it might mean for companies and for the wider social fabric. Bill's work focuses on the intersection of ancient practices (in particular mindfulness) and organizational growth and change and he offers us fascinating insights into new paradigms for organizational culture and broader benefits for all society. We explore how these shifts are particularly vital as we collectively face yet more radical disruption from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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