About the Host

The Story of Change is a love project of its host and creator Rod Francis and developed with the generous support of NPR station WUTC. Originally from Australia, Rod landed in the USA following decades of living and working in several continents. After an early international career in performing arts, followed by almost a decade as an entrepreneur in London, he transitioned into the field of human development and change working with individuals and leaders across the globe. Training initially as a professional coach Rod was quickly recruited into development and teaching roles on professional coach training programs both in Europe and in the USA. He now consults on program development and delivery as well as developing his own unique coaching and change methodology, integrating his interests in cutting-edge cognitive science, human development and optimization, ancient wisdom and contemplative practices, ecology and the natural world and the innate wisdom of the body.

Rod is a founder of the InterActualizer collective, a collaborative project aimed at developing leading edge programs for supporting positive change in individuals, leaders, organizations, communities and the world at large. An active Buddhist practitioner, Rod also develops and teaches mindfulness programs both for public and professionals and is a community leader with Chattanooga Insight.


Rod's aim for the program is for it to be a somewhat free roaming exploration of all facets of human experience which might gather under the broad banner of change, bringing as many diverse voices to the conversation as possible, while at the same time integrating and extending his years of research, investigation and practical experience at the coal face of human change. Not to set out with a point to prove, but to allow both host and audience to explore together and allow the larger tale to tell itself. Something Rod likes to call the meta-story.


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